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Complacency is death.


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to not succumb to complacency and comfort. This video starts with a discussion of the narrator’s relationship with a higher power. Although he does not know its name or origin, the narrator states he believes that there is a higher power. He also believes that this power has a chart that outlines the path you take throughout the course of your life, all your triumphs, and all your failures. The narrator believes his job is to outwork the power and his chart and accomplish things that the power did not see. The narrator also expresses his desire to find and know more. He encourages his listeners to take on a similar mindset, stating that it is up to us to be more and nothing will magically happen for us. In order to find more, the narrator emphasizes the importance of introspection and self-reflection. Growth can be attained by identifying our weaknesses. 

The narrator then discusses the topic of suffering by stating that we would have a “much better life if we just suffered a little bit more.” Through suffering, we can learn to appreciate others and our own situations more, feel more, and love more, thus living a more joyous life. 

The topic of retirement is also discussed. Once they’ve “made it,” many people tend to slack off, thinking that they can coast. In response to this, the narrator says that this “mindset is death.” At retirement age, we may not be able to go as hard as our younger years, but there should always be a next goal. 

The narrator concludes this video with the following points:

  • Don’t allow your mind to get away from the moment.
  • When going through adversity, it is not just about getting through it, but how you get through it.
  • Focus on serving others when in leadership roles. 
  • Our insecurities can be our greatest sources of fuel. 

This video can be accessed below.


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