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Understanding the "heartset."


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In this video from Motivation District, the topic of positive thinking is discussed. Refreshingly contrary to other positive thinking videos, the narrator discusses the lies of this thinking. At one point in our lives, we have probably been told to just “think happy thoughts,” and we will then find inner peace. Many people then turn to reading self-help books, repeating positive affirmations, meditating daily, and journaling to create positive change in their lives. While these actions create momentum into shifting our ways of thinking, many people are quick to revert back to their negative ways of thinking. Whether getting cut off in traffic, something doesn’t go right at work or struggling with personal relationships, people can quickly fall back into negative patterns. The narrator suggests that mindset is not the only contributor to our joy and contentment. Our heartset is the missing piece.  

The heartset refers to our emotional life. Throughout life, our emotional lives are constantly tested through periods of loss, grief, disappointment, anger, and more. Unfortunately, if we have not worked through our heartbreak or latent anger, these feelings can emerge in our lives. These emotions are submerged in our subconscious. These deep-seated emotions can negatively impact our personal relationships, cause us to self-sabotage, or can be apparent to strangers. We can train our mindset into thinking that we will be successful, but our heartset can sink our dreams by releasing waves of sadness, anger, and self-doubt. 

Once we take the steps to emotionally reset, that is when change can occur. We may be able to get something in our heads but completely miss it with our hearts. Society does not teach us how to adjust our heartset. This is something we must tackle ourselves and with help from professionals. 

The discussion also shifts to a discussion about friendship. Friendships evolve based on what stage we are in our lives. The narrator in this portion of the video talks about the patterns of our lives and how changing patterns may attract new friendships and dissolve others. The narrator encourages her audience to remove the drama from this phenomenon and not take it personally. Not everyone is on the same wavelength, and when you change so does your circle. 

This video from Motivation District is chock full of advice and tools to help its audience institute positive change into their lives. This video can be accessed below. 


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