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Life is serious.


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“Get serious because life is serious.” 


In this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to reclaim control of their lives. When asked, the narrator defines life as the struggle to keep death at a respectable distance. From the moment we are born, death slowly encroaches upon us. It is our sole responsibility to keep it at bay. All aspects of our lives are serious. Whether it is matters of the heart, income, or supporting our families, we need to approach these situations seriously. 

The narrator also encourages his audience to never miss an opportunity to learn. Learning is also serious. We cannot be casual about learning. The narrator also encourages his audience to get serious about their personal experiences. If we are having a rough week, we must ponder and study what transpired. From our own introspection, we can start to recalibrate for the following weeks. Here, the narrator captively says “get it wrong, but don’t take too long. 

When asked how to change, the narrator says that change starts with education. We must always look for opportunities to expand our mindset through education, training, and experience. Training and experience are particularly important. Just because we have listened to a lesson, does not mean we fully grasp its contents. Change continues by doing what we can when we can. We must start to “clean up neglect,” in our lives. Our lives are a list of things that we should do, but many of us do not commit to these “ought to’s.” Negligence puts us on a fast track towards failure and disappointment. Cleaning up our negligence starts small. As we start to take care of the smaller tasks, we develop the discipline and confidence to tackle the larger ones. 

With easy-to-read captions and compelling images, this video from Motivation District provides viewers the tools needed to reclaim control of their lives. This video can be accessed below:


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