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The mind as a mirror


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In a more thought-provoking video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to think of their minds like a mirror. Having a mind like a mirror means that the mind grasps nor refuses anything. By implementing this, users will be less likely to be mentally or emotionally fixed on negative occurrences in their lives. Implementing this takes time, patience, and is not easy to do. 

The narrator also describes life as an everflowing process, and that we are one with all of life. As more differentiations are integrated within life, it becomes a formless blur that flows like water. The world constantly moves forward and does not get hung up on anything. 

From here, the narrator suggests that his listeners give up on the sense of urgency and the “ought to” mentality. The narrator encourages his listeners that being present in this moment is as important as the other things around us. The narrator expresses this idea through the example of a rose bush. The roses that are planted outside of our windows are not concerned with whether or not they are better than last or next year’s rose bushes. The roses in present-day are just simply a rose. The idea of just being can translate into our everyday lives as well through the regular practice of meditation. As we progress through our meditative journeys, we will start to observe people rushing through their lives, not appreciating where they are now. Where we are in this current moment, is an extraordinary thing. Appreciating our current surroundings is an important step towards fulfillment. 

The narrator then shifts this idea of just being towards our own self-criticisms. He starts this discussion by questioning his audience if they criticize a cloud for being misshapen. Or if the audience loves to see the scattering of stars? He notes that the audience is never critical of the clouds’ or stars’ being imperfect. We must be able to balance our self-criticisms as we grow. With all of our imperfections and troubles, we are still authentic projections of the universe. 

This video provides great tools for those looking to reshape their mindset and can be accessed below.


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