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Dialing in our effort and technique will make us unstoppable.


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In this video from Motivation District, the topics of technique, effort, and remembering where we come from are discussed. With compelling images and easy-to-read captions, viewers walk away from this video with a better sense of self and tools to implement needed changes in their lives. 

One of the overarching themes of this video is that proper technique is not enough to succeed. Here, technique means doing what we ought to do. To achieve success, it is not enough to just read about the steps we should take. We must be able to think through the steps to this success and act on our thoughts. In addition to acting on our thoughts, we must also act with the same amount of effort every day. The narrator uses the example of a football game, stating “you need maximal effort in all four quarters.” When our effort and technique are in-tune, we are unstoppable. 

The narrator also challenges his audience to just be themselves. So many of us waste effort trying to fit in or trying to impress others. Instead of focusing on the opinions of others, the narrator encourages his audience to focus that energy on themselves and their own personal development. The narrator also talks about how much his business has grown over the past few years. With opportunities to speak to many groups across the world, the narrator still speaks every Monday in the city where he started his career. This homage to his roots is not only inspiring to others but also provides him with motivation and fuel to continue his motivational speaking career. 

The discussion is then shifted to finding out “why.” While easier said than done, finding our “why” is the springboard to the next level of growth and happiness. Not everyone has the same reason. Because of this, methods that work for one person will not work for others. The narrator encourages his audience to analyze people in similar professions or live similar lifestyles that his audience wishes to achieve someday. Through analysis, we can take bits and pieces from different successful individuals and reshape them to fit our current lifestyles and goals. 

I strongly encourage all those looking to make positive changes in their lives to check this video out. This video can be accessed below. 


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