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How To Overcome Fear Of Roller Coasters


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Roller coasters are fun and adventurous, like most other amusement park rides. But, many people, including me, are petrified of the uncertainty that comes with riding a roller coaster. 

The dread can be very palpable and due to numerous reasons: the height, the overwhelming fear of potential accidents, or simply the idea of being in constraints with no escape. No matter how irrational the fear seems, you might be unable to control it. 

If you have a history of experiencing a “pit in the stomach” feeling every time you step on the roller coaster, rest assured you aren’t alone. The good news is there are ways you can overcome this terror without having to steer clear of thrill rides. Although this isn’t an overnight process, slowly and steadily, you can conquer your anxiety. 

Out here, I’ve listed a few tips that have tremendously helped me overcome the fear of roller coasters: 

#1 Recognize the source of the anxiety: Before you can work on your roller coaster fear, it is imperative to gauge where it originates from. Is it your terror of heights or the thought of being embarrassed in a social setting? Or is it simply claustrophobia? Recognizing the cause of your worries will make it easier to work on them. 

#2 Start Small: You do not have to jump on a giant roller coaster right away. Start with a smaller version, meant for kids. Or, you can choose a coaster with gentle drops and slowly work your way up. 

#3 Gather Information About The Coaster: Your lack of knowledge about coasters can be the chief source of your fears. To avoid being startled by major surprises, try to gather information about the coaster you intend to ride. It’ll be reassuring if you know vital facts like how steep the drop is, the maximum speed of the coaster, etc. 

#4 Talk To People: You can ask your friends, family, and support groups about their roller-coaster experiences and whether they share similar fears. It’s good to know that you are not alone, and it gives you further confidence to quell the anxiety. 

#5 Take Your Friends Along: While some people can conquer their fears alone, there’s no shame in wanting help. So, consider asking your friends or family members to accompany you on the ride. Having them around can be a source of distraction, and you can be more at ease knowing someone has got your back. 

Do you have a fear of roller coasters? What steps are you taking to help yourself overcome this fear? 

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I am scared of them but even with my fears, I have gone on them. There was only one that I ever enjoyed and that was because I felt secure on it and it wasn't too fast or too high. I was able to keep my eyes open and rode it several times in a row. The other ones I went on, never want to go on them again! LOL

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I myself am not a fan of roller coasters and have no plans on adding it to something I would enjoy to do. I have enough fun watching the kids on the coasters when we go to amusement parks. Last roller coaster I was on was Top Gun at I think it was Six Flags California. 

For me it just makes me feel like garbage after a ride and it kills the mood of the day.  

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