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How To Overcome Inferiority Complex


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When you think about it, everyone has felt inferior about themselves at some point. While this is true, it can get burdensome if you reach a point where the feelings of inferiority take over your life. If criticism outweighs words of encouragement, you grow up doubting your abilities and self- worth. 

Psychologists already know that feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem can be traced back to parenting style, upbringing, comparison to peers, and bullying. As difficult as it is, there are ways to heal your insecurities. 

Here are some things I did to overcome inferiority complex:

#1 Positive Self-Talk - How often does the voice in your head bring you down? It isn't easy to transform decades-old beliefs in a few days or even weeks. However, talking about yourself in a positive light will allow a shift in your self-image. When you get intimidated by a task and think of giving up, remind yourself, "I am good enough." 

When your inner voice criticizes you for not doing well enough, ask if you would say such disheartening words to a friend. If it's too mean to say to a friend, then there's no reason to be so hard on yourself either. 

#2 Accept Compliments - Years of low self-esteem can shape your thoughts into believing others are always better than you. In hindsight, I used to downplay compliments with passion because of the overwhelming belief of being less than others.

If you have a habit of shrugging off compliments and expressing disbelief if someone appreciates you, try this easy exercise - 

Write yourself a compliment. It could be a physical aspect like your skin, hair etc. or your mental state. For example - "I like how relaxed I am right now." Showcasing your positive aspects to yourself will slowly improve feelings of contentment and self-love. 

#3 Journaling - It can be challenging to see the positive side of life, especially when you have thought lowly about yourself all your life. A simple practice of journaling can help reshape your self-image. 

To deal with feelings of unworthiness, I cultivated the habit of jotting down tasks of the day  big and small. Writing down daily tasks, from important assignments to washing dishes, gives a sense of accomplishment. At the end of the day, I can see how many small tasks I accomplished, which helps me feel good about myself. 

How do you deal with feelings of inferiority?

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I knew a guy with this. I used to say he had a Napoleon Complex. He always overreacted and acted out of anger and toughness to compensate for his short height. he was only 5'5 which is the same height as me. He was really nasty to women too who were taller than him. I know this is not quite the same thing but I think it stems from the same tree. Just on a different branch. 

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