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How To Overcome Temptations


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To begin with, having temptations is perfectly normal. Whether it is a debauching thought or an uncontrollable addiction, temptation manifests itself in a variety of ways. 

It ignites a furious win-or-lose kind of war within our soul with only one objective in mind, which is to trifle with our faith and drive us away from a life of morality. There is no doubt temptations appear appealing. If they weren’t appealing, why would they be called so? 

There isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution to resisting your temptations. So, what I say is that it is better to take stock of your temptations and tackle them head-on instead of sweeping them under the carpet. 

Is resisting temptations easy? No, it certainly isn’t because it calls for being brave, bold, and obstinate to reject what leads to violating the morals of life. It’s going to be difficult, but certainly not impossible to achieve.

Here’s some advice on how you can overcome temptations:

#1 Make a list of all the reasons to achieve self-control - Listing down all the reasons why you want to achieve self-control will help you to resist temptations. Concentrating on greater ideals rather than immediate outcomes, and a focus on positive affirmations can help you muster the will to resist all forms of tempting situations. 

#2 Imagine the outcome - Research proves that to achieve something in life you must motivate yourself and stay determined by thinking positively. When you set a goal and imagine reaching it, you are taking steps to success. So, if you are tempted by the urge to flirt, you must think positively and stay away from all the possible situations that could lead to flirting.
#3 If temptation strikes, try to redirect your attention - Temptations are difficult to resist. So if you find yourself in tempting situations, the best thing to do is try to redirect attention to something else. For instance, if you tend to drink excess alcohol, then have a glass of juice instead! 

#4 Surround yourself with positive people - You must surround yourself with those people who have an ample amount of self-control. Seeing them abstaining from temptations will also help you to reach your goals of resisting the same. 

#5 Think twice while having temptations - When you have temptations for something, you must try to think about it over and over again. Craving cigarettes or alcohol? Remind yourself that these things are unhealthy for you and will lead to lung damage, liver disease, and other health issues. 

What are some methods you use to overcome temptation? 

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Temptations are always going to be there no matter what you do. This is true for diets, relationships, spending money, and many other things. The funny thing about it all is that most temptations, if you actually go through with them, they have a good chance of making you more unhappy! 

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