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Empathy fosters passion.

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In a powerful video from Motivation District, topics such as self-reflection and its impact on growth, creating holistic solutions to contemporary problems, and the importance of empathy. The narrator throughout this video uses vivid imagery to convey her messaging and expertly intertwines examples, her own experiences, and hyperboles to communicate with her audience. The narrator first discusses the importance of recognizing our past and understanding that we are products of our environments. Often times when we hear this phrase, our minds automatically shift towards the negative influences in our lives. The narrator challenges her listeners to broaden their own understanding of this phrase. We are an amalgamation of not only our obstacles but also our triumphs. Because of this, it is important to remember where we come from and keep that in the back of our minds during both times of success and failure. 

The narrator also touches on the importance of empathy in our relationships. Empathy fosters passion. However, we must forgive, reconcile, and heal ourselves before we can connect with others. Some may argue that connection and healing can take place simultaneously, and I agree with this sentiment. The feelings of isolation, imposter syndrome, and apathy can compound over time. To battle this, the narrator suggests that we start living for something bigger than ourselves. 

This compelling video can be accessed below.


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Love this! It is the same thing when it comes to self-love. How do you expect to love others when you can't love yourself? You need to be able to forgive yourself and show empathy for yourself so you can truly provide this to other people in your life. 

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