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The will to do it.

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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to evolve and truly assess if they have the will to achieve their dreams. During this video, the narrator touches on topics such as optimism through adversity and the path to reinvention. The phrase, “the will to do it,” is the motif of this video. The narration revolves around this concept, leaving viewers questioning if they have the will to do “it,” whatever that may be. 

The narrator poses the question, “what will it take for man to go to the moon?” Answering himself, he says, “the will to do it.” The narrator encourages his audience to think about where we are right now and where we want to be. Dreams are just dreams without any goals or plans. Goals and plans are just goals and plans without hard work, dedication, and the will to complete them. Our will must be stronger than life’s many curveballs. The narrator poses the question, “what will it take to make a failing business succeed again?” The answer? The owners will to do it.

We must be hungry in life and tenacious in achieving our goals. We must also be willing to do what is required. Coupling with this willingness is optimism. No matter how bad our current situations may be, we must maintain the belief that we are going to “make it.” When speaking on reinvention, the narrator states that our, “best thinking has brought you to where you are. True thinking takes you to where you want to go.” Essentially, we must think in new ways to propel ourselves forward. In the process, we must also ask for help when we need it. 

Life is too short to sit back and allow our negative thoughts to paralyze us. For those of us looking to evolve, this video is a must-watch as we work to reinvent ourselves. This video can be accessed below.


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Every great achievement of man has been the result of a thought that became an idea. That idea planted within like a seed and bloomed. The action of maintaining that passion and seeing that it grew to its biggest potential is what makes our achievements so amazing! 

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