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Self Discipline


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I have a lot of plans that I try to execute to fix my life and make me a better person, but I'm having troubles sticking to my plans. 

One example is that I promised myself to try and go through some courses/learning material atleast an hour everyday, but have been falling behind terribly because I'm always tired and coming up with excuses.

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We all have these moments. 

Just today I woke up and I really did not want to do my hours worth of cardio. I was feeling a bit dizzy and sore. 

When I told myself this I remembered what I would tell others that tell me the same thing. We have do what we do not want to do. We have to be uncomfortable. Sometimes just getting started going through the motions is enough. 

Pain is temporary but quitting last forever. 

So I went and put on my cycling gear and I busted out my work out. 

Our mind will always want to take the easiest path. We have to maintain discipline and do the things it does not want to do so we can grow. 

Remember our rewards are on the other side of suffering :). 

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Take baby steps if you have to. I know it will seem like you aren't doing much in the moment but once these baby steps become habits, you can do more and more overtime. There is no sense in getting mad at yourself, just take the process slower. 

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