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Elon Musk's Keys to Success

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Elon Musk, well-known entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, appears in another Motivation District video. Throughout the video, Musk provides insight on starting up Tesla and SpaceX and also advice to young entrepreneurs. At the beginning of his entrepreneurship, Musk spent long hours to make sure his projects succeeded. During the video, he recalls the time that he would work long hours into the night coding. A further indication of his work ethic can be seen through his girlfriend at the time spending time and sleeping in the office in order to be with him. 

In addition to working “like hell,” Musk encourages his audience to have a high pain tolerance, think critically, and develop high value products. Pain tolerance is needed to overcome adversity and the challenges associated with entrepreneurship. Individuals must also think critically to make sure that the products they develop actually provide value to their customers. It is easy to convince ourselves that our ideas are the right path to solve a certain problem. Entrepreneurs must be able to recognize that their preconceptions may not always be correct. High-value products are those that the consumer find useful and can easily be integrated into everyday life. 

Additionally, Musk gives the following advice for entrepreneurial success:

  • Add value to society through your work
  • Take risks
  • Have a great product or service
  • Attract great people
  • Align yourself and your team for cohesion
  • Seek criticism continuously
  • Be able to identify actual critiques

With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District’s video is easily accessible and inspires its listeners to live more fully. This video can be accessed here: 


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Elon is a very smart guy who knows how to have fun and enjoys what he does with a passion and I think that right there is what a lot of people miss out on. You need to have focus and passion, a reason for doing what you are doing. 

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