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Any new cryptocurrency blowing up right now?


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Cryptocurrency is getting crazy these days, there's just so many, and the good ones require a lot to invest. But, are there any new cryptocurrencies that are blowing up right now? New ones that don't require a lot to invest in early on if possible. 

Do you guys know of anything worth investing in right now?

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It is the wild west in the crypto markets.

A few years ago I did an experiment where I built my own type of ETF and diversified across the top 50 market cap alt coins. Needless to say we lost a lot of money and only the majors produced positive returns. 

There are so many fly by night coins and it is so easy to launch your own in this day of age that the chances of one going main stream our pretty slim. Most are going to end up being pump and dump schemes. 

Be careful out there. I am holding BTC, ETH, LTC, Nexo, and Stablecoins. 

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