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Scaling a SaaS with around 100 paid users


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With very limited information about the specifics will only be able to provide general concepts. 

Content Marketing - Build out your blog and make plenty of keyword focused articles about how your software solves a problem. 

Build your email list - From your content try to capture email addresses and put these people on a drip campaign about how your software solves a problem. 

PPC/CPA/CPM/Push/Pop Traffic - Buy traffic from different ad sources to send traffic directly to your solution for sign up. 

Build your social profiles - Share your content you are publishing and help your content marketing efforts. 

Forums/Reddit/Quora - Answer questions, provide value to the communities, do not hard sell your products. The customers will come if you provide value. 

These are the things I would do when launching any kind of project. 

What are some other tips people have about scaling out a project. 

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I only ever purchased traffic once for one of my blogs when it was very new. While I loved seeing those numbers get a boost, I feel like it did very little for my site. I think in some ways, things like this helps but in other ways (depending on the service) you are just throwing away money. 

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