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How To Overcome Arachnophobia


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Let’s be honest, who isn’t afraid of creepy crawlies? Whether it is the pace at which they scurry on walls, their hairy legs, or just the thought of them crawling over you, spiders can frighten you to death. 

Arachnophobia or the fear of spiders, if you call it so, isn’t a freakish thing. While it isn’t unusual for people to shriek with terror at the very sight of arachnids or spiders, arachnophobia can have a far more severe impact on your life. 

Just like any other phobia, arachnophobia can be enervating. Plus, it might also meddle with your everyday life just because you’re afraid of being bitten by a spider. 

But, don’t you lose hope! Of course, you don’t need to be an arachnophile to get over your phobias of spiders, but there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that the minibeast at your home doesn’t drive you insane. 

Here’s my advice on how you can overcome arachnophobia.

#1 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: If you run out of the home at just the sight of a spider scurrying across the floor, you must consider talking to a therapist. Talk to them about how spiders spike terror in you and any awful memory of spiders from your childhood. The therapist will help you identify the root of your arachnophobia and replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. 

#2 Think Logically: Spiders aren’t the prettiest creatures alive, but they are probably not as dangerous as you think! The majority of spiders out there are totally harmless. And so, you must keep reminding yourself this time and again.

Just a little reminder could be the cure of arachnophobia. Next time you see the mini creature scurrying on the walls, remind yourself that he isn’t going to bite your toes.

#3 Systematic Desensitization: Even though they are small in size, they might give you creeps! And so, you might as well go for systematic desensitization, which is a time tested therapy. You’ll be taught to master the art of calmness in situations when you’re exposed to the minibeast. 

#4 The Phobia App: Yes, you read it right! Your cure to arachnophobia is just an app away. The Phobia Free App teaches you relaxation techniques, including helpful gameplaying. To help you overcome your phobia of spiders, the Phobia Free App shows you images of spiders. 

From cuddly little ones to petrifying ones, they have it all to cure your arachnophobia. Even the NHS has approved it! 

Is arachnophobia something you have had to overcome? What steps did you take to get through it? 

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This is something I never understood about myself. I love miniature things. I tend not to have an issue with other bugs, some of which are way weirder looking... Yet I am terrified of spiders. I had one in my shirt recently. It must have crawled on me outside for warmth or something and I didn't notice. I panicked, threw off my shirt, and nearly pee'd myself. LOL I did find it and kill it. I don't think this is a fear I can move through and honestly, I am okay with it. 

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