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How To Overcome Rejection In Sales


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If you work in the sales department, you must already have faced a number of rejections, and I know handling them may be difficult in the beginning. 

While hearing ‘no’ is a part of life for all of us, salespeople have to hear it almost every day. And that is why you need to develop better resistance to the initial reactions of customers and rebound almost immediately. 

You may want to resign within a week, especially because it takes a lot of effort to hold on, but you are perfectly capable of doing it. So, let me tell you about how to overcome rejection in sales. 

#1 Learning the trade: The next time you are at work, do check how your seniors are quickly able to accept negative responses from people and immediately bounce back. This comes with a lot of experience and confidence that they have built up over the ages. 

It is absolutely alright to hear numerous negative responses at the beginning of your career. I will recommend that you start observing senior salespeople and see how they conduct the trade. 

You might be able to learn a lot, and then you can practice that with future clients. It is a hit-and-trial method and you will slowly understand what works and what does not. 

#2 Practice the art of not taking it personally: Salespeople have heard this a lot in their lives, but they often fail to practice it. Now I can understand that a number of negative responses would affect your paycheck, and hence, you are being affected personally. 

However, if you can keep the spirits high and greet the next client with a happy face, then you might actually get the deal. So, always try telling yourself that a positive attitude will go a long way. And if not anything else, remember that smiling is a great anti-aging technique!

#3 Aim big: Whenever you feel down, remind yourself about the reasons for starting off. It is essential that you break the fear and immediately shift to positive thoughts to keep yourself going. For example, you can start practicing thinking about one good thing whenever you hear a ‘no.’ 

Also, keep reminding yourself of the successful transactions and deals in the past and how they have contributed to your better frame of mind. Moreover, you can advance in your career when aiming for the big things in life.

Anyone that has worked sales or retail have felt rejection. What steps did you take to overcome rejection in sales? 

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I had to learn how to deal with this when I worked for a company where I would make cold calls. It was very hard at first. I took ever hang up, scream, and rude person's words personally and it sucked. From there, I learned to not take that personally and had to overcome being let down from not landing a sale. It takes time but I got there!

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