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Have you paid for any marketing that didn't draw any traffic in?


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I did an ad campaign a few years ago for one of my sites that I was trying to breakout to the world. But when I did my paid marketing, it didn't really go far at all. I got a few signups, but most of those people never came back. Has this ever happened to you when paying for marketing/promotion? 

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Yes this is part of any marketing campaign. 

You have to pay to learn. Then you have to keep tweaking until you hit the goals you are looking for. It can be a pretty expensive process. Going through it with MotivationDistrict YouTubes channel right now. I can pay and market the videos via adwords but it is not leading to my expected results so keep having to try different things. Have not figured it out yet. 

If ad campaigns were easy to run profitably there would be a lot more millionaires out there 🙂

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