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How To Overcome Doubt And Unbelief


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We all plan big things in life. But, what happens when your dreams collapse like a house of cards? We give in to despair and make it our best friend. To be honest, we all have moments of doubts and unbelief. 

When things don’t go according to our plans, doubt creeps in. And, when doubt creeps in, we begin to question God. Even though we know God is good and has a plan for us, we question His promise. 

But, doubts and unbelief are just thoughts and feelings. And, these feelings spare no one. They are dangerous as it corrupts your soul. The road of life isn’t smooth, instead, it is full of bumps, potholes, hiccups, and even train wrecks. 

In fact, I, too, had moments of doubt and unbelief in my life. And, so, know that you’re not alone. The key to overcoming doubt and disbelief lies within you. You mustn’t let circumstances rule your heart and mind.

Here’s my advice on how to overcome doubt and disbelief:

#1 Stop overthinking: Are you among those who see the glass half empty instead of half full? You’ve got to put that glass down to avoid straining your hand. You need to give your brain a break from all the disturbing thoughts. No matter what you’re faced with, remember the promises of God. Keep trusting in Him, and everything will soon fall in place.

#2 Block the negatives from your life: Your situations and circumstances will pave the way towards doubt and unbelief. So, block all the negatives from your life. Whether it is people, words, thoughts, or anything else, just block them out. 

#3 Determination and perseverance are the key to faith: The road to faith isn’t easy. It’s full of thwacks and storms. And so, you need to stay determined to overcome doubt and belief. Without perseverance, you’ll fail. No matter what happens, trust in the process and do not lose faith. 

#4 Recall the glories of the past: Have you ever prayed to God for something, and He answered your prayers? And so, remind yourself that if God has saved you then, He’ll be there today as well. He will not abandon any of us. Believe in His plan and have patience.

#5 Talk to a friend: When moments of doubt and disbelief knock at your door, you must always talk to a close friend. Share your situation, what you feel, and the conflict that’s going on. Their support and advice will play a significant role in helping you to overcome doubt and unbelief. 

Have you ever had to overcome doubt and unbelief? What steps helped you overcome it? 

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