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How To Overcome Oppression


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Life isn’t always fair, and the journey of life is like a roller coaster ride. You’ll be happy, sad, betrayed, lied and even oppressed. You cannot run away from these things because they are still deeply rooted within society. 

Oppression is destructive. Whether it is a father locking his child in the closet, a wife being abused by her husband, or you being secluded because of your religious beliefs, oppression is a reality of our society. 

If you have been a victim of oppression, know that it isn’t your fault. You must try to overcome oppression. Without the right efforts, oppression will meddle with your everyday life and can even plunge you into the dark pits of depression. 

It might seem difficult today, but it will be worth it in the end. The power to bring about change lies within you, and only you can change the situation. Overcoming oppression isn’t an easy task, but courage and determination will lead you to success.

Here’s my advice on how to overcome oppression:

#1 Acknowledge your oppression: To overcome oppression, you must accept the fact that you’ve been oppressed. Most people live in denial. Living in denial will never allow you to overcome oppression. If you keep repressing the past, thinking it will fade away, then you’re wrong. 

Hence, what I say is that you must accept the fact that you were oppressed because it will be the first step to overcome oppression. 

#2 Communicate with your close ones: One thing I’d strongly recommend you do is to communicate things with your near and dear ones. This will significantly help you to overcome oppression. Their empathy, support, and compassion will give you the strength to overcome oppression. 

#3 Get enough sleep and, of course, exercise regularly: To get yourself back on track, you must get enough sleep. Sleeping 7 - 8 hours a day is important for you. It will help you to gain control over your life. 

Also, make sure you exercise regularly. Indulge in those exercises that you love. To be precise, exercising regularly releases endorphins. I call them “happy drugs” because they regulate your mood. 90 minutes of aerobics will prevent you from falling into the pit of depression and improve your sleep cycle.

#4 Don’t rush; healing takes time: Remind yourself that healing takes time. As you heal, you’ll go through a roller coaster of emotions. Be empathetic while dealing with yourself. Sit with your feelings and experience them.

Have you had to overcome oppression? What steps helped you?

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