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Taking Ownership of Our Lives with Rachel Hollis

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Have you ever belittled your achievements for the sake of others? Whether it’s a promotion at work, hitting a financial goal, or hitting a personal best lift in the gym, we have all made our triumphs seem less than they are at one point in our lives. In this video from Motivation District, Rachel Hollis describes what it is like to navigate life as a people pleaser, where you have to simultaneously perform well and be high achieving while also remaining humble and discounting your accomplishments. Hollis points out that many women can relate to this sentiment, especially as they navigate understanding who they are after marriage and having kids. Hollis points out that the individuals women were before birthing their children are still important and still deserving of happiness. I think this idea of being lost is not limited to just mothers and wives.

This talk touches on a lot of topics from the importance of therapy to the impacts of social media to loving ourselves more completely. The talk is interlaced with personal stories from Hollis’ high-achieving childhood, her people pleasing behaviors during her marriage, and her navigation through collaborative divorce. Hollis also uses humor to appeal to her audience and convey her main talking points. Motivation District has done a phenomenal job with this video and its captions. The video is easy to follow along and its main points are easily digestible. This video is great for anyone looking to take ownership of their lives.


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