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Envisioning our Goals with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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“I knew that every rep got me closer to standing on stage as a champion”

In this video, Motivation District showcases Arnold Schwarzenegger’s work ethic and outlook on achieving success. Common themes throughout Schwarzenegger’s talks include: envision your goals, maintaining discipline, pursuing what brings you joy, and ignoring the doubters. The difference between existing and living is all in how we carry ourselves. If we are just going through the motions at work or through life, we aren’t really living. Our passions and interests are what truly allow us to live. Envisioning our career or other personal goals and how we go about attaining these are an important step to living our lives to their fullest potential. However, we must maintain discipline, build a strong work ethic, and don’t succumb to daily negativity to do so.

Schwarzenegger references some people as floating around without a purpose throughout his talk. To overcome this, we need to have clear, defined goals for ourselves. Once we know where we are going and if we are pursuing something we truly enjoy, we will start to enjoy our lives’ work. For Schwarzenegger, this was seen in his passions in the gym, where he was always smiling, no matter how grueling the workout. This is because with every rep, he realized he was one step closer to turning his vision into a reality. If more people could shift their mindsets to this way of thinking, then they could start truly living.

Schwarzenegger’s words not only apply to work inside the gym and the professional arena, but can also be extended to other aspects of our lives. Life is too short to be concerned about the opinions of others, and we must full heartedly pursue our passions.


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