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Controlling Our Brains - David Goggins

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Motivation District’s video highlighting the words of David Goggins is easily digestible and can be applicable to our every day lives. In his interview, Goggins speaks on the strength of our brains and their impacts on our trajectories in life. The brain is the only thing with us for 24 hours out of every day, regardless of what we are going through. Through the good or the bad, our brains control our moods and how we navigate through our lives. Goggins stresses that if an individual is unable to control his or her mind, then they won’t reach their fullest potential. The majority of our brains and bodies are wired to take the path of least resistance. Having the mental fortitude to negate this and choose the harder path will not only set us up for success but place us in a position to navigate through the trials and tribulations of life.

One of the great things about the human body is its ability to adapt and overcome. In order for us to change or for our minds to become stronger, we must immerse ourselves into what we want to become. We must also recognize and address our flaws. While I agree that strengthening our minds is important, I do believe some level of balance should be integrated into this. I don’t think individuals can go all out all the time. We must also have some level of self-awareness to know when our bodies and minds need a break to preserve our longevity. Motivation District does a superb job in providing accurate captioning and vivid images to go along with Goggins’ inspirational words.


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