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Why the 1% Succeeds

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Motivation District has done it again in expertly crafting another inspirational video. This video showcases a sit-down talk with Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker from Illinois. In this video, Thomas is a little more toned down than his others, but his messaging is as clear and powerful as ever. During this talk, Thomas addresses why the 1% succeeds and how to differentiate yourself from just going through the motions of what you’re “supposed to do,” and actually succeeding with your goals. Some people go to all the conferences, read all the books, and listen to all the podcasts that are suggested in attaining success in their lives, and while on the surface these things are great, it is not the only work that is to be done. All of these resources provide us with great foundational knowledge, but it is up to us to transform these tools so that they best fit our goals. Success is not a one size fits all model. There may be a certain percent of overlap between successful individuals or businesses, but this blueprint is highly customizable.

Not only do we need to customize these tools for our success, we must also identify our skillset and our “why.” This “why,” cannot purely be money. Money may be a tool in achieving our success and an indicator of our progress, but it rarely is ever what truly drives people. Once, we are able to pinpoint our “why,” we can then customize our plans to emulate our “why,” and accent our skills. This video is a must watch, especially as Motivation District provides great captions for easy follow along.



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