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Penthouses a good investment?


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Luxury real estate is a tricky market. I have thought about it from time to time. Every matrix I have built myself though shows that the larger the rental the less dollar per square foot can be achieved. 

I think in a large city that allows vacation / short term rentals a nice penthouse would do great. 

Anything can make a great investment if you understand the market and what people are looking for. 

My knowledge is in renting out places long term (1 year plus leases) residential and I have done a bit of industrial over the last 5 years or so. 

I have thought about breaking into other areas of real estate but have been staying out of the markets as I think things are very expensive right now. 


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I always heard this was a gamble. It is kind of like timeshare property. You don't know if or when someone will be willing to put money into the property. I guess in a place like Miami or NYC, it likely does well but not many other places I can think of would see great success from renting out penthouses.

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