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Strengthening our Minds with Eric Thomas

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Eric Thomas’ speech on empowering our mental strength is awe-inspiring and a must listen. His speech focuses on changing our mindset to become the next level of ourselves. Time is our most important commodity, no matter where we find ourselves in life. How we regiment our schedules has great impacts on our success. In his talk, Thomas touches on how successful people are obsessed with their routines and have the majority of every minute in the day scheduled. While I agree that this idea of having every second of the day scheduled, I think it is important to have a strong work-life balance.

Thomas also provides motivational words on procrastination and how to nip it in the butt. In order to end our procrastination, we must make the conscious choices to put more responsibility on ourselves in relation to our success. It is easy to use other people as a scapegoat for our inability to progress with our lives, but this gives the other all the power.

Thomas touches on embracing who we are and where we come from. Whether we come from a good background or not, disingenuity is easily detected and further impacts our success. Be comfortable with who you are and not forgetting your roots are important steps to building self-confidence. Thomas also explains the interconnectedness between our self-confidence and ability to put 120% into all of our efforts.

“Just because a man is on top one day, does not mean he will be on top forever. Just because you are NOT on top does not mean that you won’t be there one day.” This quote from Eric Thomas perfectly sums up this video’s message. Our self confidence is directly linked to our ability to tackle every day, every opportunity like it’s our last/ only opportunity with the understanding that failure is inevitable. Fear of failure dampens our opportunities. Not everything we do has to be perfect, but everything we do has to be done with effort and passion. 


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