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Understanding the Meaning of Life with Elon Musk

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“What is the meaning of life?” This is something we have all asked ourselves at least once. Life, to Elon, is more than just solving problem after problem. An infinite amount of negative things can be found across the world. There will always be work to do and ways to improve the systems we currently in habit. A lot of these things, can easily get us down and we can become miserable. However, solving problems is not all that we are meant to do in life. We must find things that inspire us and excite us to be a part of humanity.

This starts with actually enjoying what you do as a profession and taking risks while you are young. Life is too short to be stuck in job that you do not enjoy. When you make the shift from mandatory work to work you enjoy doing, your mind is more naturally drawn to that work. Similarly, I think this sentiment can be expanded past just one’s job, but into other aspects of their lives. Whether they are stuck in a dead end relationship, toxic environment, or friend group, life is too short to remain in the same situations that drain us mentally and emotionally.

While it is important for us to take risks and make changes as we need them, it is also extremely important to be cognizant of wishful thinking. Humans have the tendency to want something to be true, while ignoring the actual truth. To combat this, we must ensue rigorous self analysis to understand the difference between our perception and reality.

Elon’s words in this video are no doubt inspiring, especially for individuals looking to enact change within their own lives. Motivation District does a great job adding captions to the video as well, so it is easy for all viewers to follow along.



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