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The Secret of Waking Up Early...

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“Are you invading your own greatness?” This single quote sums up the message behind this video. Motivation District does it again with another expertly assembled video inspiring their audience to take action and win the morning.

The secret to waking up early is simply that. Wake up early. Prepare yourself the night before for the day ahead of you. Lay out clothes. Pack your bags. Set out your meals for the day. Even on days where you don’t feel like doing these things, do them anyways. Go through the motions.

The messaging of this week is profound and direct. It is extremely important to win these little battles against yourself before you expose yourself to the world. Bringing your best self to each day is easy through proper preparation and just going after it. Focusing on the things that you can control and taking these early wins (e.g., not hitting the snooze button, making breakfast, working out, etc.) set yourself up in a position to take hits life throws at you.

A couple of messages that I resonate with the most are: not checking your phone right when you wale up and getting points on the scoreboard where you can. Checking your phone immediately after waking up can put yourself in a poor position to succeed. By doing so, you are exposing yourself to potential negatives of the world which may negatively influence you to not do your normal morning routine and cloud your mental state. However, on days where I do not feel like doing anything, it is important to, at the bare minimum, go through the motions and not give into the immediate gratifications of procrastination.

In general, Motivation District’s videos inspire me to better myself. However, this particular video is my favorite so far because it provides its audience with easy techniques and ideas an individual can implement into their daily lives. The video leaves you with a simple series of questions, which individuals can think about during their morning routines, “where have you been? Why are you here? And where are you going?”



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