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How does self-love transform our lives?


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In this video from Motivation DIstrict, viewers are taught the ways in which self-love can change their lives. From health to relationships to motivation, self-love and acceptance can transform an individual’s reality. Some ways that self-love can change someone’s life include: 

Bettering their health

With more self-love, individuals are more inclined to take better care of their body and wellbeing, eating better, exercising more, and garnering more overall respect for their body that does so much for them. 

Acquiring higher-quality relationships. 

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” If we have a higher standard for how we love ourselves, then this communicates to others the quality of love we require. Whatever feeling we feel for ourselves, we attract- whether it is good or bad. 

Increasing self-confidence

Through self-love, we appreciate all that we are and all that we are not. We are able to recognize our flaws but do not feel insecure about them.

Feeling happier

This is a given, but loving ourselves more may translate to living a happier life. We begin to do what’s best for ourselves and our happiness. 

Having more drive and motivation in life

With high self-worth comes the feeling that the self can accomplish more. The stronger we feel, the more drive we have to accomplish our goals and not settle for anything less. 

Caring less about what others think or say about you

Many are concerned about what others think about them and feel the need to fit in. Similar to other points on this list, with more self-love, we recognize not only what is best for our happiness, but appreciate all that we have to offer -regardless of the opinion of others. 

Learning to be kinder to the self

Failure is a part of life. Someone with little self-love may crumble at the thought of failure and experience feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. Through bettering our self-love, we tend to treat ourselves with more kindness, compassion, and forgiveness during challenging times. 

Self-love is extremely important for our growth and prosperity. This video from Motivation District provides great insights into what self-love is and how it betters our lives. What are some ways that you practice self-love? 


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