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Choose wisely.


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“Within every moment is the power to chose.”

In this video from Motivation District, viewers are taught the magnitude of their choices. Our everyday choices directly correlate to the experiences we have in life. “Choose wisely,” the narrator cautions. We often take for granted the power of our daily choices. There are circumstances, however, out of our control. It is important to recognize these and shift our focus on what we can control - our beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, perspectives, and actions. “Our lives are playing out exactly how we are choosing. Life does not just happen to you.” Often in life, the things that we want “do not want us.” Because of this we must make the decision to go after these things. 

Our future is created based on the seemingly insignificant and mundane choices we make day in and day out. To address this, the narrator suggests his audience think about the following:

  • Where are you currently in life (i.e., job, relationships, health, routine, etc.)?
  • Which daily choices help you become your best self?
  • What habits, people, and/or behaviors no longer serve you? 
  • What is getting in the way of how you want to live?
  • What are our surroundings a byproduct of? Our independent choices? Or uncontrollable circumstances?

The narrator indicates that we often choose things out of habit, but notes the importance of letting go of old habits and patterns of behavior. By letting go of things that no longer serve us, we can then make room for our goals and choices to help us reach those goals. When evaluating our habits, we must ask ourselves the following:

  • Is it worth it?
  • Does this action add purpose or meaning to my life? 

While operating in the world is a difficult task, we must learn to take control of the things that we can and how we react to the things that we cannot. Our lives are dictated by our choices- the good and the bad. Choose wisely.


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