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Continue your growth with Chris Evans


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“What do you do or practice to continue to grow?” 

In this video from Motivation District, viewers listen to an interview with American actor, Chris Evans. During the interview, Evans discusses his views on personal growth, his inspirations, and his fears. When speaking on growth, Evans explains that he approaches this practice like any new skill he seeks to master. Presentness has helped Evans amplify his own growth. “It is okay to be where I am,” is one of Evans’ many mantras. Evans compares his journey of personal growth to picking up a new sport. You are going to make mistakes as you learn a new skill, growth included. 

Evans’ also discusses the topic of inspiration. Having a career that aligns with not only his skills but passions is inspiration enough. For those looking for their passions, Evans suggests viewers ponder the question, “what were you doing when you were just trying to have fun?” 

Evans then discusses his fears. While we all have fears to some extent, Evans notes that being scared may mean that he is not fully present. Fears can then send him into a spiral of disappointment that he may not be achieving what he wants to achieve. All of this stems from his ego. To avoid this, Evans tries to remain present. 

Other tokens advice from this video include: 

  • Surrender to the moment and practice presentness
  • Failure is okay 
  • Ignore the ego.

This video from Motivation District is a great watch for those looking to unpack their ego’s impacts, presentness, and finding inspiration. This video can be accessed below: 


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