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Stopping the cycle of self-loathing


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“Stop beating yourself up. Stop incriminating yourself. Stop judging yourself.” 

Throughout this video, the narrator discusses how to overcome the cycle of self loathing. The world is a tough place, no matter our position. Condemning ourselves in the privacy of our own minds only amplifies the negative messaging of the world. The brain is always listening. The more negative you talk to yourself, the worse your esteem and view of the world are. 

Self-loathing is fairly impulsive. It takes little to no effort to think of all the things that we do not like about ourselves. One way to escape this cycle of negativity in our own minds is to simply recognize these thoughts as thoughts and not as ourselves. The thoughts are messages that come and go. “You are not the negative thoughts, you are yourself,” the narrator explains. While this may be easier said than done, I encourage everyone reading this post to monitor their thoughts as closely as possible. When we catch a negative thought, we can simply recognize it at its face value and let it go. We are not our thoughts. We are ourselves. 

This thought-provoking video can be found through the following link: 


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