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Be a builder.


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“Whatever you do with your life, be a builder.”

Throughout this video from Motivation District, technology’s role in our lives, ambition, and humility are discussed. The video starts off with a discussion about technology. “Technology does not change who we are, but magnifies us - both the good and the bad.” the narrator tells his audience. The contemporary issues we are facing today are not problems of technology but of humanity. Humanity has gotten us here, and it is humanity that will get us out. “Good intentions do not excuse harmful outcomes,” the narrator cautions.  

The narrator then continues this discussion with the thought that what we build and create define who we are, and I couldn’t agree more. This extends past our careers. The projects, relationships, and environments we build are a reflection of ourselves and our values. Taling responsibility of our creations requires the courage to think things through. Freedom means creating an environment in which we and those around us can grow great ideas and be nurtured without restrictions or burdens. Conversely, if we are to live with ambition, we must also learn to walk with humility. Humility does not necessarily mean becoming tamer, smaller, or lesser. Humility is about serving something that is greater than the self. “Being a builder,” means recognizing and making peace with the fact that you won’t be here for the end of whatever story you are starting. 

With easy to read captions and compelling images, this video is a must watch for those needing the inspiration to go after their ambitions and for those looking to improve their humility. Throughout this video from Motivation District, the narrator introduces many lessons, articles of advice, and wisdom to pass on to his audience. After watching the video, I strongly encourage you to think about and share what you are building in your lives.

This video can be accessed below: 


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