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Do you know what it means to truly love yourself?


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During this video from Motivation District, viewers gain a better understanding of what self love is and what it is not. Self-love, as many of us know, is important factor in leading a happier and healthier life. Throughout the video, the narrator touches on the following key points:

  1. Self love is not a linear process
  2. We have been conditioned by society to believe that self love is selfish
  3. Developing self love is not a rapid processs
  4. Loving the self better can help open more opportunities to give and receive love
  5. Self love can uncover areas of our self in which we need healing
  6. Self love gives us permission to accept our own compassion. 

Learning to love the self is easier said than done. At times, we may feel like we are making leaps and bounds in our progress in loving ourselves. Other days are more challenging to love ourselves. On these days, individuals often are harder on themselves than they ought to be. Self-love is not a linear process, and it is okay to allow yourself to feel a wide range of emotions. 

Similarly, we are conditioned to view our self love and care as acts of selfishness. Some individuals often feel guilty or selfish for prioritizing their own needs over other commitments. The narrator encourages her audience to keep in mind that their health and happiness are their main responsibility.  

One of my favorite discussions from this video is that self-love allows us to accept our own compassion. There is often a negative connotation surrounding feeling sorry for oneself. Life is a difficult place, and it is easy to think that we are not qualified, smart, resourceful, or important enough. In spite of these feelings, we must reassure ourselves that it is okay to be where we are right now in this very moment and that failure is just a result, not a reflection of our worth.
This video is a must-watch for those looking to love themselves more and the process that this may take. This video can be found below: 


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