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Start your days on a positive note.


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Are you constantly surrounded by negative people? What do you do if these people live with you and/ or are related to you? 

In this video from Motivation District, viewers are empowered to find their inner peace even amongst the most chaotic of situations. The narrator himself has experience doing this. By recalling his time spent in prison, the narrator effectively communicates these ideas and tools to find peace in chaos. “Prison can be the most chaotic place, but it was possible to find peace there because I went looking for it.” During his time in prison, the narrator chose to surround himself with like-minded individuals looking towards the future. Weekly, he would meet with a group to discuss their plans, goals, books, and strategies on how to get out and stay out of the chaos. 

This anecdote is inspiring to viewers who may be having trouble finding peace for themselves. No matter the circumstances, we must always search for a group of people who inspire and uplift us. Sometimes, the most negative people we are surrounded by are often not a result of our own choices, meaning family or roommates. If you find yourself living in a negative environment, the narrator encourages you to balance that negativity with a group of friends and coworkers who are on more positive wavelengths. 

The narrator also encourages his audience to set the stage for each morning. He does this by starting each day with a positive thought on what the day may have in store. Similarly, when he is on his way to work or home, he mentally prepares himself for what may come so that when something goes wrong, his entire mood or day is not ruined. Setting the stage mentally takes a few moments, but it is important to leading a balanced life. 

This video is great for those who find themeselvs constantly in negative situations and looking to shift their mindsets. This video can be accessed below: 


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