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Rejection is your friend - not your enemy.


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Do you remember the last time you felt rejected? How did it feel? How did you overcome this feeling? 

At some point in our lives, we have all been or will be rejected for some reason or another. These reasons may be personal, impersonal, or a mixture of both. Regardless, the aftermath of rejection hurts and can make us feel discouraged, distressed, and doubtful of ourselves. To protect themselves from future rejection, many individuals shy away in life. Whether it’s in business, academics, or interpersonal relationships, some people retract themselves from life out of fear. 

The narrator, however, encourages his audience to accept and welcome rejection - not dispel it. “Rejection is our friend, not our enemy.” Often rejection has more to do with another person’s inner turmoil and not our inner value. Once we recognize this and implement the practice of accepting rejection, our lives will drastically change. Rather than becoming discouraged after rejection, we will start to move forward in life with confidence and high esteem. 

Individuals may also start to live more authentically once they start to accept and learn from rejection. Many want to be popular, liked, loved, and respected. In times of rejection, people often feel shameful, allowing rejection to diminish their confidence. Instead of celebrating their uniqueness, many alter themselves in order to fit in and rejecting their true self. Rejection from others hurts, but rejection from the self can cut even deeper. It takes time, practice, and patience to truly accept ourselves. 

This video is a must-watch for individuals looking to overcome rejection and the negative feelings surrounding it. The narrator provides great insights on how to shift their mindset from fearing rejection to welcoming it. What are some of the strategies you use to bounce back from rejection?

This video can be accessed below: 


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