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The opinions of others do not define you.


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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt, and/or anxiety? If so, what are some practices that you have implemented to combat this? 

In this video from Motivation District, the themes of finding one’s purpose, overcoming depression, and loving one another are discussed. I am sure that everyone reading this post has felt overwhelmed at times. Whether it is feelings of self-doubt, loathing, or uncertainty, we have experienced these emotions in some capacity. In this video specifically, the narrator discusses these feelings being experienced by teenagers. While I believe these emotions are also shared by adults, I think it is important to discuss how they impact younger generations. The narrator discusses how over 60% of students experience depression, anxiety, fear, and/or self-doubt to some degree. The narrator then gives his audience perspective by saying “if you looking around the classroom- virtual or not - 60% of the people you see could be experiencing some sort of mental compilation right now.” Because of this shocking statistic, the narrator encourages his audience to show encouragement to others. You may never know the true impact of your words. 

The narrator also touches on the concept of purpose and knowing who you are. Many young individuals believe that they cannot make an impact; however, the narrator states that they can make an impact on those surrounding them today.  The narrator also encourages his audience to shift their mindset from “everything in life is happening to them,” to “everything in life is happening for them.” All things in life and all experiences had are working for us and for a bigger purpose. This shift in mentality may cause people to feel inner peace and be more aligned with their life’s work. 

The narrator also touches on the importance of knowing who you are. This is a more difficult task than it appears to be. Some people have an easy time figuring out who they are; others struggle to ever accomplish this. Despite this, we each have control over who we are and how we operate in the world. 

This video is great for those looking to shift their mindsets and put out more positive vibes into the world. This video can be accessed below: 


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