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Every human is born with a masterful gift.


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers hear the inspiring words from American music artist, Beyonce. Throughout the video, Beyonce empowers marginalized groups to “make power moves,” and lead with their hearts. “Every human being is born with a masterful gift.” Beyonce continues on to explain that you do not have to look or speak in a certain way to achieve excellence, only be your authentic self. Beyonce encourages her viewers to embrace their uniqueness and not to let others’ projected insecurities deter them from achieving their goals. Criticism can be hurtful but can also be used as fuel. “Respect is everything,” Beyonce continues. Without respect, successful relationships are unattainable. The world will respect you as much as you respect yourself. 

Beyonce also suggests the following as secrets to success:

  • Put in the work
  • You will fail more than you win 
  • Do not feel entitled to win
  • Never compare yourself to others
  • Continue to work on yourself

This eloquently spoken speech can be accessed below:


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