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Leadership: Responsible for those in our charge.


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“Two things great leaders need to have are empathy and perspective.” 

In this video from Motivation District, viewers learn what it takes to be a good leader. Two of the key qualities of effective leadership are empathy and perspective. These qualities are often forgotten as many individuals in leadership roles are often more concerned about their status than their real job at hand. The job of all leaders - no matter the sector - is the same. Leaders are not in charge but are responsible for those in their charge. The narrator touches on the progression from a junior-level employee to a promotion to a supervisor. At the junior level, an individual’s main responsibility is to be good at their job(s). Junior-level employees are expected to show up, work hard, and attend training to advance their careers. If these individuals are good at their jobs they may then be considered to be promoted to manage a team consisting of their previously held position and others similar to it. During this transition, the junior-level employee becomes a supervisor, transitioning their responsibility to manage those under them. 

In many cases, individuals are not adequately trained or able to successfully make this transition. As a result, we often get managers who micromanage individuals on their team because they know how to do the work being done. That, however, is not the purpose of a leader or supervisor. Supervisors are responsible for those in their charge - not for the work being done. Some people make this transition quickly, slowly, or not at all. Leadership, fortunately, is a learnable skill that becomes easier with practice. However, there is a fair amount of sacrifice associated with becoming an effective leader. When something goes right, leaders pass the credit along to those conducting the work. When something goes wrong, leaders must take responsibility. Not everyone is meant to lead, and that is okay. 

This video is a great watch for those starting to transition into a leadership role within their lives. This video can be accessed below: 


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