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Redefining purpose


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In a more thought-provoking video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to think about how to create a world in which everyone has a sense of purpose. At some point in our lives, we have all asked ourselves internally what our purpose is. Purpose can change as we progress through our lives, but once it is found, our minds and bodies align more effectively to work towards our purpose. This video, however, challenges viewers to think of the purpose of the collective and what steps can be taken to create this. The narrator indicates three ways to create this collective purpose: 

  1. Redefining the world to have the freedom to pursue purpose
  2. Build communities 
  3. Taking on meaningful projects together

The narrator indicates that 10 million jobs are expected to be replaced by automation, but he believes that humans have the potential to do more than just automated tasks. Each generation has defining works. Whether that is sending humans to the moon, volunteering to immunize children from polio, or other notable works, each generation has the potential to accomplish great feats. 

Getting millions of people involved is no easy task, and no one truly knows how to do this. Ideas also do not have to come out fully formed; they can become clearer and more refined as you work on them. The key is to just get started. There is also no single eureka idea behind any one movement. Success and momentum are composed of ideas building upon one another. Media and pop culture tell us the opposite, that there is one idea that sets off a wave of change. This unfortunately can give many a sense of inadequacy. 

While it is good to be idealistic, the narrator cautions his audience to be prepared for others to be skeptical. Many people will not fully understand a vision, and initiative may be criticized for moving too fast. 

This video is a great watch, especially for those looking to start the next big movement - no matter what that may be. This video can be accessed below:  


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