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Put your shoes on and go.


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Do you do what you are supposed to do? 

In this video from Motivation District, viewers are taught a valuable lesson about discipline and its importance in life. The narrator starts with an example of an alarm clock sounding in the morning. For most, part of them wants to hit snooze on the alarm and stay in bed. Discipline tells us, “no, you do what you need to do.” While getting up at the first alarm may seem like a menial task, it is the first victory that a person can carry throughout their day. Discipline also compounds upon itself, making it easier to stay on whatever task or track an individual is on. 

Building habits carries the body through the days during which a person does not want to work. Once habits are developed, the body silences the brain’s doubt and laziness. The narrator summarizes this by simply telling his audience, “just put your shoes on and go.” 

In addition to habits, the narrator encourages his audience to surround themselves with things that are going to make them become a better individual. No matter what aspect of their life a person wishes to improve, their surroundings play a major role in achieving that vision - both directly and subliminally. Because of this, we must surround ourselves with individuals who build us up; consume media that aligns with our goals; and live in an environment that inspires action. 

What are some daily habits that you have integrated into your routine that have made you more successful or fulfilled? Do you have any tips on how to build discipline? 

This video is a great watch for those looking to restructure their lives and become more disciplined individuals. The video can be accessed below:


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