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Take what you want, not what is handed out.


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Why don’t we get what we want? Whether it is the fear of failure and/ or rejection, many often find themselves in situations that no longer make them happy. These fears and their consequences all stem from self-doubt and the belief that we do not deserve more than what we currently have. This doubt is why we don’t change and choose not to take action. Many tell themselves a story that they cannot do something. The narrator of this video indicates that smarter individuals tend to be good at predicting all the possible outcomes and ways to fail, which leads to them never taking any meaningful action. Boldness, on the other hand, is often a stronger indicator of success than intelligence alone. While smart people thnk of all the negatives that could happen; bold people think of all the positives. 

The narrator continues to discuss this concept of “paralysis by analysis,” with thoughts on the amount of information that we receive every day. Whether it is from our peers, social media, news outlets, or other avenues, we are constantly bombarded with information on how to be successful. To this idea, the narrator simply suggests that his audience stop planning and just act. Many people live on default due to convenience. This “take what’s available” mindset is causing so many people to miss out on all the opportunities life has to offer. Being bold and living life on your own terms is an acquired skill that requires practice and patience. Through this practice, however, being bold starts to come more naturally and individuals take more chances at their dreams. 

Can you think of a time where you caught yourself going through the motions of life? Or when you were too afraid to go after what you truly desire in life? The narrator leaves his audience with the following quote, “Fail to succeed by chasing what you want and not taking what you can get.” 

This video from Motivation District is great for those needing the inspiration to live boldly and on their own terms. This video can be accessed below: 


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