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How To Overcome Fear Of Commitment


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In modern times, seeing people avoid long-term relationships is not a surprise anymore. And this often stems from a fear of commitment. 

The term “commitment-phobic” is used very loosely these days, but it has deeper connotations. Simply defined, commitment involves dedicating yourself to someone for a considerable period of time, be it for a job, a relationship or a goal. And some people stutter emotionally when it comes to committing themselves to a relationship. 

Honestly, things might seem scary; you might be scared that your feelings will be hurt. And sometimes, because of this, people naturally pull away. For many, the idea of settling down seems terrifying. 

It might so happen that you fall for someone but still face the fear of committing to them. And this might have a detrimental impact on your relationship. If you are scared of dating this one person for the rest of your life, it might be because of commitment phobia. In that case, keep reading to know how to get over your fear of commitment.  

#1 Look at healthy relationships: It often happens that you are surrounded by people who are in complicated relationships. This gives you a skewed understanding of what a relationship involves, and you end up developing negative feelings about it. 

If someone in your family got divorced, feeling like this gets even more ingrained and has a long-term impact on how you look at relationships. So, it is best that you surround yourself with people who have had successful relationships. 

#2 Practice empathy: Commitment means that you hold on to the other person even when things get a little difficult. It means that you help yourself and the other person grow in the process and do not give up the moment there is a crisis. In short, you try to be empathetic.

It requires a lot of emotional intelligence to understand how you both can enhance each other’s spiritual growth. And for this, you need to cultivate patience and empathy. 

#3 Journaling: The most important step in overcoming a fear is to first identify it. It is impossible to get over commitment phobia unless you address the reasons causing it. And for this purpose, it is essential that you have an internal conversation with yourself. 

Journaling might be of great help in this regard. This way, you can pour out your emotions on the pages and be able to express more clearly about where the problem lies. 

Have you had a fear of commitment? What steps did you take to help yourself overcome it?

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