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How To Overcome Apathy In A Relationship


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Apathy, or the lack of interest and motivation, is something that many people experience at certain points in their relationships. 

So, relax; you are not the only one going through a rough patch. In fact, as humans, it is normal to feel apathetic, especially after any traumatic event or sustained periods of boredom and loneliness. 

However, if it happens too often, it can take a toll on your overall well-being, including your performance at work and in relationships. Remember that the longer you are stuck in this vicious bubble, the tougher it will be to break free from it. 

Anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, feelings of incompetence, there are many things that apathy in a relationship can lead to, bringing nothing but sorrow in your life. That is why it’s important to acknowledge the feelings of apathy and start taking some much-needed steps to overcome them. 

Here’s my advice on how to overcome apathy in a relationship. 

#1 Discuss it with your partner: a relationship is a two-way street, so ensure that you convey your feelings of apathy without feeling angry or guilty. Discuss how you and your partner can make the relationship work. Most importantly, listen to your partner’s version of the story without taking it too personally and engaging in verbal arguments.

#2 Consider visiting a relationship workshop: visiting a relationship workshop is the right way towards solving issues between you and your partner. I bet there are various retreats and workshops available in your city that are designed to help couples reconnect and enhance emotional attachment. Search for these retreats online and book your slot; visiting such places could be the cure for your apathetic behavior.

#3 Experience new things together: changed routines and new activities can help add the much-needed spice to your relationship. Whether going out on dates or vacation, try adding new things to the relationship, as it will undoubtedly help you reconnect with your partner. Trust me; it works like magic.

#4 Find out the problem: last but not least, find out the reasons why you are feeling apathetic. Evaluate your feelings towards your partner and try to communicate with them because I bet there will be quite a few things that you would want to change. 

Also, find out when you started developing apathy. In this way, you can successfully overcome and prevent similar feelings in the future.

This is something a majority of us have likely been through. Have you felt apathy in a relationship? What steps did you take to overcome your apathetic feelings? 

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