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Regret is worthless.


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In this video from Motivation District, the narrator discusses life lessons and how they tie into the concept of regret. The world is full of information, specifically on how to better ourselves. Whether we learn from schooling, our peers, or our experiences, we are surrounded by information. In addition to this, we also make so many mistakes. “We are the product of our mistakes,” the narrator explains. Often, people think they already know the path to rebound from the mistakes and ignore the lessons that surround them until one day they are “punched in the face,” by their realities. Because of this, the narrator encourages his audience to actively process the information surrounding them. “Absorb it. Accept it. Keep an open mine, so that you can learn and make real progress.” 

The narrator then transitions into a discussion about regret. We only have one chance at life, and regret is worthless. The only valuable thing about regret is the lessons you learned. Regret does not propel you forward. Because of this, the narrator tells his audience to “learn and move on.” Also, we should let the fear of regret fuel us to take action today to become a better person. Using fear of regret as fuel can ultimately make us a stronger and wiser individual. 

This video from Motivation District is perfect for those individuals paralyzed by their own fears of regret. This video can be accessed here: 


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