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"Chess is a reflection of life."


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to pursue their freedom. True freedom involves the ability to be your authentic self, listen to your inner voice, and never let anyone tell you who you are. Freedom is a fleeting emotion, however. On some days, it can easily be attained. On other days, the feeling is not always present. We must also work to maintain this feeling so that when others tell us what we ought to be, we do not let these notions dictate our mindsets.  

The narrator also indicates that it is easier for younger individuals to make regret-free mistakes than their elders. Because of the lack of responsibilities and commitments at their age, young adults are more likely to take a chance upon their dreams to attain a happy life of fulfillment. The narrator also suggests that at the age of 50, an adult’s main regrets are those of inaction and not doing what they wanted when they were younger. This can be seen through parents cautioning their children about certain aspects of their lives, as parents only want what they perceive as best for their children. 

Parenting may be overbearing, and many young people only want to be themselves. The narrator confirms and encourages his young audience to retain this conviction of self as they set forward into the world. 

The narrator concludes this discussion with the idea that chess is a reflection of life. The narrator explains himself through a series of examples. For example, every move in chess, like in life, has a consequence - whether it is perceived or not. The narrator carries on by saying that not a single moment is empty of living. Because of this, we must often think of the consequences of our actions.

The narrator also uses the following examples to support this idea: 

  • In order to move forward, sometimes you have to take a few steps back. 
  • Something that hurts in the short run may end up being beneficial in due time. 
  • Do not chase the most desirable avenues if your intuition tells you you may get into trouble. 
  • You cannot get anywhere if you do not lookout for the little ones around you. 

These lessons and so many others are taught throughout this video and Motivation District’s video library as a whole. This video can be accessed below: 


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