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Defining and aligning with your purpose - a catalyst for reconnection


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are introduced to the concept of purpose and how to find it. “Finding your purpose,” is a loosely-thrown-around phrase that many talk about, but few actually know how to find. Purpose is found when your mind, body, and soul are aligned and you experience true happiness through the work you are doing. During this video, the narrator shares his journey to find his purpose. The narrator describes this process by stating that it is when you achieve true happiness. Purpose in life means that we participate in something greater than ourselves. Many find purpose in their places of employment or membership in a community. 

The definition of purpose has evolved over time. Because of this, the narrator argues that in order to overcome this generational challenge, we must introduce new jobs. The introduction of new jobs may be the catalyst to bring a new sense of purpose to the world. This is definitely an interesting point. Many of us define ourselves by the jobs that we hold. Few truly enjoy their occupation because of its misalignment with an individual’s purpose. Many are working to survive rather than working to supplement their lifestyle.

The narrator goes on to acknowledge that while having a personal sense of purpose is important, to reconnect the world again, we must also attempt to elicit change in others. He insists that without having a higher purpose, each one of us is destined to remain disconnected and floundering. The narrator explains further that he believes if we can all come together with a common goal and work towards achieving it, we can find harmony, connection, intention and purpose once again. 

This video from Motivation District is perfect for those looking to define their own purpose in this world. This video can be accessed below: 


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