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Failure is just a stepping stone to discovering your purpose.


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are introduced to the concept that it is okay to fail and failure may lead to success. Throughout the video, American talk show host, producer, and author Oprah Winfrey describes how she celebrates her accomplishments and recovers from her shortcomings. Oprah goes on to explain that she, like many others, has had low moments in her life. She shares how in those low moments she allows herself to wallow and to feel the pain of her faults even if it is just for a short time. However, she emphasizes the importance of learning from every mistake you make. She encourages viewers to take the mistakes they make and use them to help them learn more about who they are as a person. One of the key points here is that while it is important to allow ourselves to fully feel our emotions in these times of struggle, it is even more important to get back up and reassess our situation. Even though it is easier said than done, we can’t stay down for too long as time waits for no one. 

Oprah expresses that one of the key goals in life should be to take your experiences, successes, and failures, and use them to identify what your true life's purpose is. Discovering what your life path is can help shape your goals and plans, and live with intention. Oprah shared that throughout her journey to fame, she has realized that she can rise beyond being just a "television star". Oprah shared that she has been able to use her household name to make a difference in the world. 

I believe everyone, to some extent, is searching for their purpose. Oprah’s advice to use experiences as lessons can definitely assist in our journey to purpose. By analyzing these experiences and how we feel during them, we can start to slowly uncover our purpose and start to better align our mind, body, and soul with it. This video is a must-watch for anyone who is currently struggling. Winfrey provides great insights and lessons for all those who watch. This video can be accessed below: 


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