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Personal growth trumps any award.


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In this video from Motivation District, the concept that everything happens for a reason is discussed. The video starts with an anecdote about the narrator’s day at an arcade with her son. The narrator explains that while she sat back and watched her son playing an arcade game, pride overcame her with thoughts of all his future may hold for him. She goes on to express how she felt when she realized that the motivation for her son to win this game was not winning the game itself but winning the prize at the end. She shares that when this realization struck her, it reminded her of the awards and accolades she has received over the years.

After this realization, the narrator began thinking that her life’s journey has been much more important than the prizes. This sentiment can be shared by many. More often than not, individuals become obsessed with accolades, their status in a company, promotions, and other means of recognition in their careers or other areas of their lives. Ultimately, these things are arbitrary. Our true value as humans is not measured by the prizes or awards won. Our value is more so defined by the relationships we have with our loved ones, and our ability to continually grow. 

The narrator also expresses how becoming the best version of yourself is truly the ultimate goal. The world does not stay the same. It changes every day. In order to grow as a human, we must continually adapt to the world around us. The narrator suggests stepping out of their comfort zones to try new things can help with further growth. Furthermore, viewers are reminded that their lack of expertise on a subject can be beneficial in helping them remain open-minded and eager to learn. 

This video can be accessed here: 


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