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Ask for help and practice the art of speaking last.


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to get up and after the things that they want in life. The video starts with a discussion on the two ways individuals view life. One way involves visualizing goals and the steps to attain those goals. The other is seeing only the challenges and obstacles on the way to attaining goals. In life, you can go after anything you want as long as it does not deny people from reaching their goals. We do not have to attain our goals the same way as others. We have the option to break the rules and find new ways to reach our goals as long as we do not get in the way of others. 

The narrator points out that sometimes we are the problem, and it is okay as long as we take accountability. Taking accountability for something is easier said than done because it is tough to admit when we were wrong or mess something up. To this, the narrator says you “can take credit for all the things you do right as long as you take responsibility for wrongdoings.”

The narrator also discusses the concept of the “elite warrior.” The elite worry is not about being the toughest, fastest, or smartest; it’s about being the best at helping those around you. Human beings progress by lifting one another up. The world is dangerous and difficult to do things alone. Learning to ask and seek out help is one of the most valuable skills an individual can have. In addition to learning to ask for help, we must also practice helping others. Many of us believe that we do not need or are afraid to ask for help from others. During this facade of control, we lose sight of those who love us and are always willing to help if only asked. 

The narrator then discusses that we are taught to “learn to listen.” He negates this by saying we actually need to learn to be the last to speak. By doing this, we give others the feeling that they are being heard and are contributing. Secondly, we gain the benefit of hearing everyone and their opinions. The narrator points out that this skill takes time to develop. While others are speaking, we shouldn’t nod yes or no, but sit there, process their words, and ask appropriate questions. 

This video provides its viewers many lessons on how to become a better listener and person. This video can be accessed below: 


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