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What are we without hope?


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We are all looking for hope. No matter our socioeconomic status, amount of success, or other position in life, hope gives us purpose in life. Throughout this video from Motivation District, the narrator explains that no matter who he meets, they seek the same four-letter word. Through hope, we are able to transform obstacles into opportunities. However, hope is not something that we are born with and is not always easily attainable. Hope is developed by working through pain and difficulty. Luckily, we do have many choices in life, one of them being to be angry about what we do not have; the other is to be thankful for what we do have. This is a powerful choice is made every moment of our life. Because of this, the narrator encourages his audience to talk about the value of life wherever they are. 

The narrator then discusses how closely related hope is to love, stating that without enough love or hope, people start to lose the strength to live. I particularly resonate with this sentiment. There have been times in my life where my environment did not nurture me to suit my needs. As a result, I often felt unmotivated to step outside of my situation. Through hope and love, the opportunity is created. Once we find this opportunity, we then transition from surviving day-to-day to living freely. 

The narrator also points out that the world is a hurting place that needs more hope. There are people in our lives who, no matter how good or bad our day maybe, have the innate ability to lower our vibrations. It takes roughly three seconds to say something discouraging, but these words linger and impact the mind on a subconscious level. In a world full of discouraging individuals and interactions, the narrator tells his audience that the biggest discourager is themselves. We are so prone to believing that we are not good enough from our external influences and allow them to control our mindset. The narrator encourages his audience to dream big, no matter the naysayers including those that reside in our minds. 

This video from Motivation District provides its viewers multiple lessons and encouraging words to be kinder to their minds and always maintain hope. This video can be accessed below: 


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